Chinese City Branding Report 2020

Published on 6 Jan 2020

A report by Oval Branding on the place brand awareness and perception of Chinese cities and new development areas among UK businesses.

This report also includes the ‘5 Steps on How to Build Place Brand Value’.

Key Findings:

Among a sample of Chinese cities and areas, not including Beijing or Shanghai, the city of Shenzhen has the highest level of brand awareness with UK businesses at 93%, while other cities and new development areas are failing to gain brand awareness.

The most significant factors which influence investment decisions were found to be the cost of doing business and the buying power of potential customers; the least significant factor is natural environment.

The traditional marketing strategy for raising brand awareness of Chinese places by the Chinese government has been hosting one-off events in London, which is failing to impart a significant connection in the audience’s long term memory.

The more effective way to raise place brand awareness and perception is a long term wholistic marketing campaign with a focus on online marketing, including English websites, advertising, social media, content marketing and public relations.

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